How Your Low Vibe Attitude is Keeping You From Building the Abundant Business You Dream of

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Hello Beautiful Soul! If you’re here then you’re ready to learn how your low vibe attitude is keeping you from signing those dream clients. But more importantly, you’re here to figure out how to raise your vibration and build the abundant business that you dream of, right? Let’s get to it.


Show Highlights

(2:00) Take Mental Inventory

(3:45) If You Embody the Energy of Lack, You Will Attract Lack

(7:05) How to Make the Shift Into a Higher Vibration

(9:45) Get Clear on the Value of the Transformation

(12:00) Feel Rock Solid in Your Offer


Girl, I've got news for you: you can make more money in your business without adding in more strategy. Seriously, you probably don’t need more strategy. Often times, its your shitty attitude and vibe acting as an energetic block to receiving abundance in the form of money and clients. Your vibes might just be keeping you from making the sale, or signing the client.


I want you to take a little mental inventory. Reflect on how you show up online. Do you question if your message is powerful? Do you expect people to respond negatively? Are you freaked out about your price? Are you doubtful of people seeing the value in the investment?


When you embody this energy of doubt; in your pricing, in your offer and in the transformation you’re providing people, you are going to attract potential customers or clients who are also going to doubt you, your product, and your service. Let’s talk law of attraction in the context of sales. If you feel doubt and worry about what you’re offering, then you’re embodying a really low vibe state at an energetic level. Like attracts like, people! You'll continue to attract really low vibe things and people that question your service with this mindset.

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You don't need more strategy.

I’m telling you right now that you don’t! Sales is easy. It’s simple. Here's a quick example...


You hop on a sales call, make a small intro, talk about the client’s goals and why they aren’t achieving those goals. If you have a service that is a fit, you tell them you have a fit. The sales process is not rocket science. If you aren’t signing clients, chances are it’s because you embody an energy of doubting and questioning yourself. Others won’t feel super confident in making this investment if you’re not confident in what you’re offering.


You need to make a shift. You need to embody a level of confidence, like, “fuck yeah! My service is FIRE, EPIC, LIFE-CHANGING, INVALUABLE.” Believe and embody that energy.


So, how can we embody a higher level vibration in our business? When you embody a super high vibe energy about your service you are going to attract people who have a super high vibration of our service. They’re going to feel it and see it. If you really want to dive into the woo - when you do this, the universe will begin to conspire in your favor and send you the right followers and right people who also believe in the transformation that you’re giving. How can we get to that state?

You can raise your vibration by...

  • Dancing! Sounds basic, right? But it’s quick and tangible and it can make you embody a higher vibration immediately. Throw that solo dance party.

  • Getting really clear not on the value of your time, but the value of the transformation. Have you been guilty of saying “How can I charge a client X amount when they’re only getting 3 hours of my time a month?” Let me remind you…. you’re not selling yourself! You’re selling a transformation! Let’s get clear on the separation between selling yourself and selling a transformation. Don’t get caught up in the dollar amount. You’re providing a life-changing transformation.

  • Journaling about how your dream client is going to feel after their time working with you. How much better will everything be when you get crystal clear on that feeling? You’ll be more confident and more trusting that your experience and your coaching abilities are gold. If you feel super pumped about it, I promise you’ll attract people who are super fucking pumped about it.


Remember that when you believe fully in something your brain seeks evidence as to why it is true. If you think your service sucks or isn’t worth it, you’ll find the things that aren’t perfect and find evidence as to why your service sucks. On the flip side, when you believe in yourself and what you've got to offer, your brain will start doing the things at a subconscious level to show how good your service is.


Trust that the reason this vision is on your heart is because people need you right now.


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Sending you so much love and light,


Mickaela McNatt | Business Coach

 Tell me about you! Are you having trouble finding clarity in your messaging/ideal client? Or, do you struggle to sign clients in an aligned way that feels fun? Email or DM me to let me know what you need support in!

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