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In this blog post we’re talking with one of my best friends and health and fitness coach, Chelsea Kaller. She runs a fitness membership called Damn Happy Damn Healthy, and yes I’m a member of it (we all should be!) This membership is for the woman who is trying to find happiness and balance in her health and fitness goals. 

The membership is awesome, but we’re really here to focus on Chelsea’s incredible growth over the last year and a half, and how she was able to build a 6 figure business in under a year and with LESS than 2,000 followers. It’s so fucking epic.

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Chelsea will share some of her strategy in doing this, but mostly her mindset, and she’ll share how it’s all about getting back to the basics and show up to share what’s on your heart. If you’ve yet to start your business or you’re very early on, you’re going to gain so much clarity and confidence from Chelsea’s story.


Chelsea's Journey


Chelsea has been a health and fitness coach since she got her degree in exercise science. She did what everyone’s kinda told they have to do - graduate high school, go to college, graduate college, get the job, the job is for a company, and so on. She got a job as a personal trainer and got a ton of experience with people of all ages, where she says it was incredible to influencing people’s health journeys. She then stepped up into a more corporate health setting, a move she felt she was supposed to make, and she just felt “off”. She had a big message regarding fitness and health that she wanted to share, but felt limited by not being able to share it. She began toying with the idea of working for herself. When she quit this job, she thought she could match her salary or maybe a bit less. She just wanted out. She took that leap and decided to start from scratch, despite everyone wondering WTF she was thinking, and it was the scariest and most rewarding choice of her life. 

Her life and mindset has flipped 180, all for the better.


Mickaela: "What was that moment like when you decided to take the leap? When you’re stuck in that mindset of ‘I should be doing this…’ or taking the safe route.”


Chelsea: I think that I had the idea prior to the leap, and the one thing I knew I had to do was put a little bit out there. As this person who’s never sold anything online and doesn’t want to sound sales-y, it’s scary, but I just started playing around with my audience. Already being in the health and fitness industry, a lot of my audience knew and trusted me. It’s important to remember that even if you’re not already labeling yourself as a coach, there are people in YOUR audience already who trust you. I started putting free content out there on social media, and the second I did that, I started getting likes and comments and people asking questions. The first thing you can do is put yourself out there! When you’re taking the leap to go full time, I want you to weigh the options. You could stay at your current job and work your business half-ass, but doing this will take away from you being able to really dive in and build the new biz. You should take your happiness and alignment into account, is it worth it to be making x amount of dollars if that x amount is making you miserable? While still in my corporate job, I hired a business coach who was a few steps ahead of me, because In order to level up you’ve gotta have skin in the game. Invest in yourself and your business, and understand that those first few months and investments will pay off ten fold.


Mickaela: "If your job is really just sucking your soul, you’re not going to have much energy to turn around and pour into your business. Be smart and be resourceful, use your corporate salary to build that financial nest if you know that in the next year you want to start your business. Begin planning now, don’t wait! Once you had your plan in place of how you’re going to pay for it, is that when you decided to do it?"


Chelsea: Yes. When I officially decided to quit, I had the idea and had already hired a business coach to help me turn my idea into a business. Based on her expertise and based on my ambition, I knew it could work. It created that reverse engineering mindset and I could see what my business would look like if I took these steps.


Mickaela: “Finding that group or that person who’s really going to keep you accountable in those beginning stages is really going to be a gamechanger. I want to pivot a bit and talk about how you built this 6 figure business, with under 2000 followers. While you didn’t have 10k people following you, you had friends and family and an audience who already trusted you and knew you were a good person. People think they need all of these followers when in reality, your first few clients will probably be people you already know.”


Chelsea: So I’m a health and fitness coach for women who want to do things the easy way. I started out with 1:1 with my biz, but transitioned to wanting to build this membership for women, because from the start I wanted to impact a large amount of women in the biggest way. I call it the Damn Happy Damn Healthy fitness membership and 160 women are a part of it, and the women in this community have all of my heart. It enables me to have this community impact without the 1:1 time commitment. I have this message about health and fitness, and this platform will eventually let me reach thousands.


So, how did I build this 160 person membership when I had like 500 followers? Ya’ll, you do not need to be an influencer to build a business online. Like you mentioned, there are already people there who trust you. I tapped into the community I already had, to family and friends, who love me and wanted to support me. That’s how I began building this epic community and beautiful business. I had those limiting beliefs of, how am I going to build a thriving business online with 500 followers? And really it only takes one person to invest in you, and once you really serve that person, they’ll tell more people. And THEY’LL tell more people. Build content for your audience so they trust and learn from you, then serve the hell out of the people you already have there. 

Mickaela: "There are plenty of women that you already know right now who you can serve! How did you really nurture your audience to turn them into a member of DHDH?"


Chelsea: First thing, I can count on one hand the number of selfies I took before living in the online biz world. I was not showing up online! One way to start building that nurtured relationship is show them what you’re doing day-to-day. I started showing my workouts and meals, and sharing my life. We all scroll through stories like its our job because we like to see what other people are doing. People will do the same for you. Second, start speaking to the person you want to help. For me, it was someone who was frustrated with their health and fitness. I started gearing all of my content to this woman, because you can’t speak to everyone. Niche down and figure out who your ideal client is, and deliver your messaging towards them. 


Mickaela: Can you talk about the mindset embodying doing this thing and speaking to the woman you want to serve, even though logically you didn’t know she was there?


Chelsea: We all have limiting beliefs around this when starting. I can remember the day Megan Yelaney, my business coach, told me I needed to start showing up on stories and showing my face. She said, you’re doing a disservice to that woman if you do not show up for her. That was the biggest turning point for me in terms of mindset. If I’m not showing up and sharing what I think could help this woman, then I’m doing a disservice to her. Then you leave it up to your audience to decide if they need it or not, and they do! 


Mickaela: What final nugget do you have to share for the woman on her way to her job right now that she doesn't like, and knows in her heart she wants to be a coach of some sort?


Chelsea: Remember that entrepreneurs like us and the ones you see on Instagram are not different from you. We all have this unique something about us that someone else really desperately needs right now. We all started where you’re at right now, it’s just a matter of deciding if what you’re doing now is something you want to be doing 10 years down the line. Will you feel happy and fulfilled? If it’s not, I want to tell you to do the damn thing. At some point it needs to be about YOU. Turn your dream into a reality. Show up on social media. Invest in something to help you turn your idea into a biz, a course, a workshop, a coach. That’s you telling the universe that you’re in, and the universe will help you out and send things your way. There will never be a perfect time to rip the bandaid off and go for it, but with these simple steps, a year down the road you could build a 6 figure business. We’re special and you’re special too. 


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Sending you so much love and light,


Mickaela McNatt | Business Coach


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