Building a 7-Figure Brand with Natalie Rogers

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020
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In this episode, we're joined by Natalie Rogers, entrepreneur and founder of 7-figure brand Klassy Network. Natalie started her first business at 18 years old, and she's sharing all the ups and downs of her journey since. We talk about how entrepreneurship is one big self development journey, overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, advice for biz newbies on being authentic, and building your tribe.


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  • Be authentic with your journey and go all in, even if you’re nervous.

  • People want to support you when they know you’re out here doing something new for the first time. We get caught up wondering what people are going to think - and most people are good, they will cheer you on.

  • You can build a business on your passions.

  • When you feel like what you're doing is right, you’ve got to follow it.

  • Natalie’s first product launch sold out because of social selling! Not thanks to a huge network, but because of her existing one, plus old friends and people in her community.

  • Your first few customers and clients are going to be people you already know.

  • If you can be authentically you online, people will want to watch.

  • Reaching out to someone in a message is so powerful! People will answer and that’s how you’ll build friendships, and build your tribe.

  • Your intuition always knows what’s right, you shouldn’t let other people’s opinions cloud your vision.

  • Come up with solutions as you face your mistakes. Problem solving, decision making, and little wins will push you through.



3:30 Natalie's introduction 4:45 Natalie’s start in entrepreneurship

8:30 Working through the fears as a young entrepreneur

12:30 Pivoting in business ventures

16:45 When you have the idea, act fast.

18:00 Online presence during a launch

19:50 Online social strategy

25:25 Building your tribe online

30:50 Struggles when business started growing rapidly

32:10 Stepping into the CEO mindset of a 7-figure brand.

35:00 Failures in the first year

37:40 Problem solving through the stress

40:40 What's next for for Klassy Network and Natalie





“Being an entrepreneur is the biggest self development journey you can go on.”


“You can monetize anything you are passionate about.”


“When you’re doing good things in the world, people take you seriously.”


“You can’t compare your page 1 to someone’s chapter 5… you can’t be afraid to be a beginner.”


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Listen to the Podcast on iTunes


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