Building An Aligned Business with Melissa Martin and Sandy Vo

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020

In this episode of the Magnify More podcast we're joined by Melissa Martin and Sandy Vo of Ladies Aligned who are sharing ALL the wisdom, magic, and tangible tips on building an aligned business. 


We dive into their journeys to entrepreneurship, listening to your intuition, and what it looks like to actually LIVE in alignment! When you do so, you can create the abundant life of your dreams.

You're going to love these powerful takeaways, but first make sure to click here to listen to my finding peace meditation! <3

Listen to this podcast episode below, or click here to listen on iTunes.



  • 3:15 Sandy and Melissa Introductions

  • 8:00 Start to entrepreneurship

  • 13:30 Fear of leaving corporate job

  • 17:10 Trial and error and inner work

  • 20:25 What does listening to your intuition look like?

  • 31:30 What did it look like to lean in through the fear?

  • 37:20 Headspace when deciding to host Align and Rise

  • 44:40 The power of hosting events when starting a business


  • Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to connect.

  • The most pain comes from having one foot in and one foot out when making a decision. Once you decide, you find alignment.

  • Going from full time employee to entrepreneur doesn't happen overnight.

  • You success will grow and scale to the level of personal development work you're willing to do.

  • The first step to listening to your intuition is creating awareness around what you want to shift. Recognize that you're in a place of discomfort!

  • When you're taking action in an aligned way, things happen FAST.

  • Visualize your success and abundant dream life as being guaranteed one year from now. What immediate aligned actions would you take?

  • The greatest capital you can have is relationship capital.



"Be sure in what your gifts are and confident you can support yourself."


"You can lean in and trust your intuition."


"It won't always be an overnight success."


"I started to get into an energy of feeling really good about my choices."


"In alignment there's no questioning yourself, there's no doubting."


Listen to the Podcast on iTunes


Sending you so much love and light,


Mickaela McNatt | Business Coach


Tell me about you! Are you having trouble finding clarity in your messaging/ideal client? Or, do you struggle to sign clients in an aligned way that feels fun? Email or DM me to let me know what you need support in!

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