Business Strategy, Spirituality & Mindset: It's All Important

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

Welcome to the first post on the Magnify More Blog! We’ll have our blog, our podcast (linked below), and of course you can find me on Instagram where I hang out the most. I’m kicking off our first blog with sharing a little bit about my background, and what you can expect more of here and on the podcast.

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Show Highlights

  • (0:29) Money, Magic and Mindset

  • (1:11) My Journey

  • (3:20) College

  • (4:32) Corporate Sales

  • (5:29) Online Coaching

  • (7:45) Life Coaching

  • (8:50) Business Coaching

  • (12:20) My Why

  • (13:13) Money...Business Strategy

  • (15:04) Magic...Spirituality

  • (16:46) Mindset


The Magnify More brand is all about money, magic and mindset.


You might be asking yourself what that means…


I believe that business, spirituality and mindset are three things that really need to be in place TOGETHER for you to create the abundant life and business that you’re searching for.

That being said, I wanted to give you a little background to tell you my story and what you can expect from me.


My story

My journey really began back in school. I was a competitive crossfit athlete and coach throughout high school and into college. I learned first hand what dedication and a powerful mindset was and where it could take you. Throughout college, my focus was fitness coaching others to become their best selves. When I graduated, I didn’t know where I was supposed to be or what my life was supposed to look like.


I studied finance in college and was offered a job directly out of school (score! right?) so I took it. I started working in the corporate world because I thought that was what made sense, and that’s what people did.


Guys, I realized really quickly that this was not what I wanted. I had no fulfillment, and absolutely no fire. There was definitely something missing.


At this point I started looking into online coaching via social media and I realized that people were actually making money doing this stuff. MY. MIND. WAS. BLOWN. I had clarity. Like, I can really do this coaching thing and make money.


So I went all in... holy shit. I hired a business coach and I took the plunge.


I began as a fitness coach. It made sense, it was what I knew. However, after only a few months I knew it just wasn’t in alignment with my soul. There were a lot of things that I wanted to talk about involving mindset that didn’t really fit into the fitness coaching thing.


Enter my next idea... at 22 years-old I decided, "okay I’m gonna do this, I’m going to be a life coach.” I listened to my gut and my intuition and I got clients really quickly and I helped them and it was seriously amazing.


In doing this work, I started to realize that a lot of my clients weren’t really looking to find more fulfillment in work or life, although through our coaching that was happening. Ultimately, my clients were coming to me and saying they didn’t like what they did. They wanted to start their own businesses and just didn’t know how to start or even what kind of business they wanted. So my life coaching kind of organically turned into business coaching.


Now for those of you reading this thinking you want to be a coach, I want you to know that you only have to be a few steps ahead of the people you’re coaching. That’s where I was and I really leaned into this idea and just went for it.


I was so excited to help women build their businesses and I knew in my soul that this was right. The minute that I went all in and just ripped the bandaid off, so to speak, that was MY moment of enlightenment. And in 6 months I had a 6 figure business.


I’m sharing this to show you what’s possible when you just listen to your heart... when you’re in alignment and you’re doing what you’re being called to do.


My Why

So what’s my why? Why do I do what I do as a coach?


This is my way of helping raise the vibration of the planet. Right now my role is supporting other women to step fully into their power as a coach and in turn they raise the vibrations of the planet.


In doing that I truly believe that coaches are going to change the fucking world. We’re lighting it up and helping people break through their barriers and to become their highest selves.


All that being said... we’re going to shift gears a little bit and I’m going to tell you what Magnify More is all about and what I’m all about.


Money - meaning business strategy. I don’t believe that we can just sit and meditate on what we want. We have to take action, but I’m all about aligned action. Taking action that feels good and feels right.


When I started doing this the money started coming in and the soulmate clients started showing up. I simply said, I’m only going to run my business in a way that feels good to me. We have to take action in a way that feels good and authentic. If we’re taking action in a way that feels out of alignment then we’re putting that unauthentic energy out, right?


Magic - The magic element is really how we can tie spirituality into our business and our life. I believe in relying on the power of the universe, the law of attraction and manifestation to help make business easier. When I really started focusing on the law of attraction in my own business, that’s when it all BLEW UP, guys. Why not give the universe stuff to do for us? The magic truly helps create that mass of abundance that were all looking for in our lives and businesses. If you need some help channeling the magic,

I've got a free guided visualization for you

to utilize the powers of law of attraction and your subconscious mind to attract your dream life and coaching business into your reality.


Mindset - Finally, the mindset piece of all of this. I believe we’re spirits having a human experience. Our human bodies hold on to a lot of stress, trauma, even childhood wounds and ultimately these things can cause us to self-sabotage. I am a certified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Time Techniques Practitioner and I’ve really started to see how important it is not to ignore the brain. That may sound funny, but seriously, when we just keep charging ahead and pushing through and we ignore limiting beliefs, childhood wounds, and trauma... energetically we’re a block to success. We’re blocking ourselves from receiving the abundance of the universe.


We cannot ignore that our mindset is key to everything. The brain seeks out validation and evidence of what we give it. If you’re constantly saying “I can’t do this," your brain is going to figure out a way to show you that you can’t do it.


This is what we are all about here at Magnify More. Money, Magic and Mindset are the three pillars we stand on. I am so excited to move forward with you in your journey!


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With love,

Mickaela McNatt 


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