How Manifestation and NLP Changed My Life

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020
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I preach all the time about how NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and manifestation have changed my life. I’ve experienced a massive up-level since fully diving into both.


In this episode of the Magnify More podcast, I'm giving you some insight into how I got into NLP and manifestation. I'm diving in on how I overcame imposter syndrome and realized it's not about being "lucky" but about changing your thoughts and healing the human. I reveal the core areas of my life that have been completely transformed by these practices.


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  • When I started my business and was doing all the things other women were doing, it wasn’t working for me. I began to question why.

  • I was introduced to Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction and it was my missing piece. It opens my eyes to a whole new world.

  • It’s not so easy to just change every single thought that crosses your mind.

  • I received 5 certifications in NLP. During this initial training, I cried tears I didn’t know I needed to cry, and I healed things I didn’t know I needed to heal.

  • NLP gave me the missing piece to heal the blocks in my human body.

  • I had a lot of guilt around my confusion in what “higher power” I believed in.

  • I now fully speak my truth in my business and am confident that my people will resonate.

  • I’ve welcomed more abundance in the form of money into my life with ease and flow.

  • NLP is understanding the meaning and energy behind our language. The communication has improved so much in my personal relationships - listening and speaking to others in a loving way even in disagreements.

  • As coaches, we are essentially teaching others what has worked for us. As we go  deeper within ourselves, we have to teach others.

  • I live in my purpose every single day, and wake up with so much gratitude in my body.



  • 6:30 How I got into NLP and Manifestation

  • 7:30 The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

  • 9:00 Corporate life

  • 10:15 When I started my business, it wasn’t easy

  • 11:15 Introduction to Abraham Hicks and LOA

  • 12:00 It all comes down to your thoughts

  • 14:50 NLP Training

  • 19:00 Stepping into clarity and freedom

  • 20:00 Clarity in my business

  • 21:00 Impact on my relationship

  • 22:40 Life purpose




“When something is on my heart, I keep going until it works.”


“I used to think that some people were just lucky.”


“Anyone who is successful is thinking thoughts that  allow them to be successful.”


“NLP and law of attraction allowed me to remove the guilt and embrace my truth unapologetically.”


Listen to the Podcast on iTunes


Sending you so much love and light,


Mickaela McNatt | Business Coach


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