How to Manifest More Good into Your Life

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020

Listen to Episode 50 here

Today this episode is short and sweet! I am diving into how to manifest more into your life.

Remember you are a very spiritual being. Ground into this!

Your mindset!

  • Be sure you do the work to eliminate any limiting beliefs that are going to hinder you from being the version of you who has it all.
  • 3 things that hold people back: heavy emotions, limiting beliefs + decisions, and conflicting beliefs
  • Your mindset needs to be certain that you can have it all!

Daily actions

  • We cannot simply sit and meditate
  • Take those actions outside of the comfort zone

Holding the vision 

  • Don’t focus on what you do not want
  • Visualization, daily journal, sticky notes for gratitude reminders

Sending you so much love and light,

Mickaela McNatt | Business Coach

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