My Most Abundant Year: Sharing my 2020 Goals with You

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020


In this post, I want to share the honest intentions and goals that I’ve set for 2020. While I feel a bit scared to put this all out there, I know that the fear means I probably need to do it. Hopefully I can report back a year from now and say I kicked ass in all of them, and if I don’t, that’s part of the plan too!

Before we get started, I encourage everyone to get crystal clear on the ways you want to THRIVE this year. Download my FREE new year journal prompts HERE!

There are so many things in the works, and I can't wait to share them with you. Let’s dive in.

  • Having a more intentional schedule. My work days will look like 10AM-4PM! My mornings will belong to me, consisting of journaling, meditation, and morning movement. I know this will be a game changer in how I show up for my clients and business as my best, most grounded self!

  • More intentional time spent with my boyfriend Bryce. We intend to spend more meaningful time together, no scrolling or checking emails, in the mornings, evenings and weekends. 

  • Intentional spending! $$$ Last year, I would find myself wondering what I’m even spending all of my money on. I got really honest with myself on what’s important, and although I believe money is abundant and will always flow back, I still want to be intentional with how I’m spending it so that I’m really appreciative of all that it brings into my life. Travel, business education, and giving back are what’s most important to us this year, so that’s what we’ll prioritize spending our money on. 

  • I will prioritize building my team and outsourcing for things outside of my expertise. This will be my biggest year of travel and business yet, so I look forward to bringing on some people to help!

  • Traveling more than ever! In June we'll make the switch to “nomad life”. We plan on selling a bunch of our stuff and putting the rest in storage, then road tripping to California. The plan is to stay out in LA in a place by the water! I’m really excited to find peace and coziness within ourselves, rather than a home base. Towards the end of the year, Bryce and I will be heading to Europe for a few months, which we’re so grateful for the chance to go and see the world a bit, while both running our businesses. 

  • My business will head into more of a certification space! Come August, I’ll officially be trained to train others in the field of NLP. This is what I’m most excited for this year, as NLP has been a true game changer in my life, business and relationships.

I am already showing massive gratitude for these things. Our mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, so when you close your eyes and envision all of the things you desire, you can call up those feelings of already having them. This is the first step of manifesting!

If you need help with visualizing and manifesting your dream year, click here for my FREE guided visualization which will walk you through the steps.

The second step to manifesting is surrendering. While I’m showing so much gratitude for all I’m calling in, I’ve also totally surrendered it all. If some things do happen and others don’t, I know it’s for my highest good. 


As you think of your 2020 intentions, set those crystal clear goals and then surrender to something greater than you. Trust that everything will work out in your favor. I encourage you to share your big, scary goals with someone, too.


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Sending you so much love and light,


Mickaela McNatt | Business Coach


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