Owning Your Power and Speaking Your Truth with Miss Jordan

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020

Today we have Miss Jordan on the podcast to share her light and gifts with you.


Jordan is a transformational speaker, healer, soul activator and guide. We dive deep into addressing the differences between quitting vs shifting, how to overcome being stagnant, harnessing your inner power, and some tangible tips for cultivating faith in your ability to do the damn thing.


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  • Pivoting from one path to another looked like a lot of quitting with no guarantees, and a lot of criticism, and letting people down. Jordan knew she was evolving and being called in another direction.

  • Stay determined in your knowing that you are meant to be or create something great when receiving criticism from others.

  • Allow yourself to be faithful and trust your intuitive instincts and ability.

  • If you’re in a deep struggle, that must mean there’s something really fucking epic on the other side.

  • There is room for us all, life doesn’t have to be competitive. It can be collaborative.

  • It doesn’t matter what your business name is, what your logo looks like, what kind of microphone you record with, how many followers you have. What matters is that you are listening to the call that is the essence of your soul, and you JUST SHOW UP.

  • If you are coming from a place of “this is my life’s work”, do it RIGHT NOW. There are unlimited ways to reach the people who need you.




  • 5:55 Who is Miss Jordan?

  • 6:45 How did you get started with this lightwork?

  • 11:50 Not feeling fulfilled and doing something different

  • 14:00 When receiving criticism from others, what keeps you rooted?

  • 16:00 Never doing anything alone

  • 18:20 How to surrender and have faith

  • 21:45 Journey to owning your truth and power

  • 24:00 Attracting like-minded sisters into her field

  • 26:15 Life has changed since stepping into a “we all have power” mindset

  • 28:30 A message for women to just go for it

  • 37:50 Jordan’s logo story

  • 39:40 The work Jordan has been putting out there without all the fancy business practice, just what feels right.

  • 47:00 What decides your worth?




“Which pain would you rather endure, the pain of transformation or the pain of staying stagnant?”


“Everything I need is already within me.”


“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

“The further I can sink, the higher I can rise.”


“We’re all allowed to bloom. The more we bloom, the more vibrant we are willing to show up in our color, the more beautiful the field.”

“I tune into my own heart.”


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