Powerful Team Dynamics & Stepping Into Leadership with Tianna Tye

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2020

Listen to Episode 31 here

This week we're joined by the incredible @tiannatye who is an industrial organizational psychologist and leadership coach ✨ ⁣

We dive into how to know you're ready to hire team members, how to embody the mindset of a CEO 📈, how to lead with your heart and SO much more!⁣

This message is for both the newbie entrepreneur and those looking to expand their teams!⁣

Sending you so much love and light,

Mickaela McNatt | Business Coach

Tell me about you! Are you having trouble finding clarity in your messaging/ideal client? Or, do you struggle to sign clients in an aligned way that feels fun? Email or DM me to let me know what you need support in!

Instagram: @mickaelamcnatt

Email: [email protected]


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