Steps to Thrive in the New Year

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Hello beautiful soul! In this post I’m walking you through a sequence of questions that will allow you to reflect on the past year and take responsibility for your past actions. This is an exercise to bring you some clarity on what you kicked ass at in 2019 and what you need to shift in the new year to set yourself up to THRIVE in 2020.


It’s often that we are quick to take responsibility for the things we’re absolutely killing it in, but it’s easy to blame external circumstances when things don’t go so well. I encourage you to adopt the mindset of, “I take responsibility for everything that is happening in my life, both good and bad.”


Pull out your journal, and respond honestly to these questions. I promise this activity will help you enter the new year in a super empowered state.

Download the journal prompts here to print, fill out, and place somewhere you'll see them every day!

1. What did you kick ass at in 2019?

Really hype yourself up here, you kicked ass at so much!


2. What needs to go?

People, things, places, careers, vices, etc. This is one of the more difficult questions. Send those things, that are no longer serving you, off with a ton of love and respect. 


3. What do you need more of?

This is the fun one! More self-care, high vibe people, a career you love, healthier foods? Ask yourself what you’ve been ignoring or brushing under the rug, that you know you really need. 


4. What is your highest self guiding you to do in 2020?

What has she been whispering, nudging you to do that you’ve been too scared to do? 


5. What would it look like if you actually did it?

How incredible would life be if you actually took the leap and began taking steps to doing the thing. BTW, if you know 2020 is the year you're going to pursue your coaching biz, click here to download my FREE guided visualization to begin manifesting your dream business NOW.


6. Who do you need to be in order to make all of this a reality?

Do you need to be a woman who shares her truth, is bold and outspoken, is authentic? Once you can call her in energetically, ask yourself...


7. What do you need to do to make all of this a reality?

Businesses and huge goals don’t happen overnight, they require planning. To you, this might mean hiring a coach, joining a group program, or simply posting on social media. Decide what you’ll do RIGHT NOW to begin setting yourself up for success, not later in the year.


Listen to the Podcast on iTunes


Sending you so much love and light, and wishing you an abundant 2020.


Mickaela McNatt | Business Coach


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