What Entrepreneurship has Allowed us to do & Big News

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2020

Listen to Episode 28 Here

In this short and sweet episode, I’m giving you all the exciting life updates! We are leaving Denver and will be hitting the road to begin our next life chapter of travel and working remotely.⁣

I’m sharing how entrepreneurship has allowed me to live a life of freedom, on my own timeline. I want to show you that you don’t have to follow the rules, you can live the life you dream of RIGHT NOW!⁣

Sending you so much love and light,

Mickaela McNatt | Business Coach

Tell me about you! Are you having trouble finding clarity in your messaging/ideal client? Or, do you struggle to sign clients in an aligned way that feels fun? Email or DM me to let me know what you need support in!

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