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Quantum Leap Into the New Way of Leading & Living

Become certified as a NLP Practitioner and empower yourself with the tools to not only transform your life, but the lives of others with this training program.

Souls are waking up, questioning the paths they've been walking, because they're realizing it's not the path THEY chose. They've been walking the path society chose for them, and they need support as they come home to their own inner Truth. That's where you as a NLP Practitioner and Coach come in.



If you've:

  • Heard this call for awhile, but the reason you haven't started helping people yet is because you didn't know how to.
  • Been coaching others already, but you know you're lacking the tools to take your clients deeper in their inner healing journey.
  • Dipped your toes (or dove head first) into the personal development or "mindset" industry. But it's really hard to focus on what you want because every time you try to, the doubts and fears creep in.
  • Tried to meditate on making more money, only to feel a sense of panic in your chest because “people like me will never be that wealthy”⁣
  • Began to journal on your goals and dreams daily, only to find your mind wandering to “but there’s no way this kind of thing happens to me”⁣
  • Chanted your “I am abundant” affirmations each morning, to be thinking in the back of your mind “yeah F*** right my bank, account says otherwise”⁣ ⁣

It's time to commit to the deeper layers of work, and release beliefs at a subconscious level in order to RISE into your greatest, most abundant Self⁣.


Telling your clients what to DO differently in their life just isn't enough. It's time you learn the tools to help them BE differently.

The Magnify More NLP & Coach Certification is the space for women ready to heal themselves and heal the planet.

First, reconnect to your own inner wisdom, so you can operate from alignment and integrity… And soon create the life of your wildest dreams.

Then, help others do the same.

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"Prior to working with Mickaela, I always needed the evidence, so here’s my message to you if you need the same. If you’re struggling with anchoring into how worthy you are of investing in yourself:  if it’s on your heart, trust it. It was the scariest thing for me to invest in myself, but leaning in to the decision to working with Mickaela was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business this far. I learned how to trust my inner guidance system AND I learned the structured road map to my success."


"Mickaela has taught me to surrender my timeline and focus on serving my clients powerfully, and that the rest will come with ease. She is seriously an amazing gem in this world and not only is she my business coach, but now also my friend!”





“I’ve noticed such a change in my attitude, the way I look at life and the way I look at myself. Through all of this healing work I realized I was holding onto things for so long. I used to feel like a little turtle in my shell, so reserved. But through all of this work I now walk with confidence and am proud of who I am and what I’m doing."


Once you leave our training you will be qualified to work with others professionally with SIX certificates:

NLP Practitioner

Learn to use the language of the mind to get what you and your clients want with ease. You'll learn all of the NLP Practitioner level tools and practice the techniques in class so you will leave with confidence through the realtime guidance of me as your Certified Trainer of NLP.


Learn to communicate directly with the subconscious mind so you can create real, long-lasting change, at the unconscious level. You'll learn how to guide your clients using hypnotherapy to reprogram their subconscious for success, in any coaching niche you are in. 

Success & Life Coach

Learn how to coach yourself and others to succeed with our signature Release to Rise Method, which is based in the principles of NLP and Coaching. You will learn how to effectively support your clients in designing and creating their dream life, whatever that looks like for them.

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner

Reiki can be used on self and on others in person or at a distance for emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Working with your chakra system, adding Reiki to your skillset will allow you to integrate mind and body with the 5 other certifications you will be trained in.

Additional Certifications included in the Training:

TIME Techniques Practitioner

One of the most powerful set of techniques, TIME Techniques is used to eliminate all negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and undo past decisions that result in disempowered beliefs in the present. This technique can be used to eliminate blocks from this lifetime, past lifetimes and generational timelines.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

EFT -- Sometimes to referred to as Energy Tapping, is a revolutionary set of techniques designed to balance the energy system of the body, helping you and your clients remove the effects of negative emotions (like doubt or stress). EFT allows you to help yourself and clients live from a space of flow as you manage your emotional home.

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Hi Beautiful Soul, I’m Mickaela, your Trainer.

It's time to come home to who you truly are.

It's my greatest intention with this training you learn the tools and modalities to hold yourself peacefully in your life-long expansion. The deeper I get into this work, the more and more I realize - there really is no final destination. We're eternal beings that have been conditioned to believe we'll feel better with one more raise, or one more accomplishment, or one more XYZ... And that's the thing, it's just conditioning. It's time to release the chains these old stories have bound to us. It's time to chase the joy, the ease, and the bliss here and now...

And what if I told you⁣...

When we do this⁣, the destinations become better and better than what our human minds could’ve ever dreamed of?⁣

Realities wilder than your wildest dreams become what you see around you, again and again. ⁣

The better it gets,⁣ the better it gets, after-all.

Are you ready?

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Choose Between In Person or At Home Training

In Person Training

As a student in our in-person certification, you’ll have 60 hours of home-study to complete on your own, concluding with our 7-day in person training. We’ll be hosting the in-person component of our training in a beautiful space, full of all the high vibes, as you expand your knowledge as a coach and leader.

This option is perfect for those seeking an experience like no other to connect flesh and bone with other sisters who are on the same mission as you to raise the frequency of the planet. 

This is a 7 Day in-person training located in either Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Sedona, AZ. (Fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport). Travel, food and lodging is not included.

You’ll also receive life-long support on questions regarding the material, to maintain the integrity of the field.

You will begin your home-study portion of the certification as soon as you enroll. There are approximately 55 hours of at home modules to watch.

Live 7-Day Training will be early April 2022. Dates soon to be announced.


At Home Training

As part of our at-home certification program, you have the option of becoming completely certified at-home! We understand times are crazy, and not everyone feels comfortable traveling. With this option, it’s practically like being in the room, as you’ll watch recordings of previous live events all from the comfort of your own home.

This option is perfect for those of you who are extremely busy professionals, working parents, or those who can’t get out of time for a long period of time.

You will learn everything our in-person students learn, but simply at home. No in-person classes are required. 

You’ll also receive life-long support on questions regarding the material, to maintain the integrity of the field.

This is a 120 hour certification program that you will gain access to as soon as you enroll. You’ll have the option to follow a 3-month timeline or a 6-month timeline, depending on the hours you want to spend each week on the certification.

You’ll be required to submit various activities for our team to review and evaluate for proficiency in order to receive your certification.

This is a 120 hour certification training, board certified under the IBCP (International Board of Coaches and Practitioners)

See What Our Graduates Have To Say

When you join Magnify More, you'll have lifetime access to a support group filled with magical souls like these.


In Person

One Time Payment of $4,444

Or 6 Payments of $888

  • NLP Practitioner Certification (Valued at $4,444) 
  • Success & Life Coach Certification (Valued at $1,555)
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Certification (Valued at $888)
  • Hypnotherapist Certification (Valued at $1,222)
  • TIME Techniques Practitioner Certification (Valued at $1,222)
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (Valued at $555)
  • A ticket to our upcoming in-person 7-day training where you will be certified in person by Mickaela, alongside other spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs (Valued at $2,222)
  • Lifetime Access to Support Group with Direct Access to Mickaela & Team (Valued at $2,222)

Total Value: $14,330

At Home

One Time Payment of $3,333

Or 5 monthly payments of $888

  • NLP Practitioner Certification (Valued at $4,444) 
  • Success & Life Coach Certification (Valued at $1,555)
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Certification (Valued at $888)
  • Hypnotherapist Certification (Valued at $1,222)
  • TIME Techniques Practitioner Certification (Valued at $1,222)
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (Valued at $555)
  • Lifetime Access to Support Group with Direct Access to Mickaela & Team (Valued at $2,222)
  • All of this, from the comfort of your own home (Valued at Ease & Comfort ☺️)

Total Value: $12,108

In Person: Pay in Full ($1,000 Savings)
At Home: Pay in Full ($1,100+ Savings)
In Person: Payment Plan
At Home: Payment Plan


You’ve made it this far, because your soul has guided you to this space. We here at Magnify More believe in something called soulmate clients. These are the souls we know we're meant to serve... as if it's already written in the stars. If you are one of these sweet sisters, you'll know - deep in your belly, you'll feel it. While it may be scary to take this leap of faith on yourself, know that if the vision is on you, it's for you. Your desires to serve, lead and impact others is no coincidence. You were born for this. Trust the call. 

I'm Ready